Energy Healing for Body, Mind, Spirit and Earth
All things are connected. There is a continuum from the infinite to the infinitesimal.


Energy Healing Workshops

Join me in an upcoming workshop to learn the basics of energy healing. Experience your energy first hand and learn to use your energy field.

Individual Sessions

Experience the power of energy healing to improve physical, emotional and spiritual disturbances. I offer in-person and distance healing sessions, with equal results.

Help to Heal Earth

As a geologist and geophysicist, and retired science teacher I have always stressed that each person has a responsibility to be a good steward of this planet we call home.

About Susan

Rev. Susan Hastings MS, ABD, OBOD, owner of Earth Connection, is a master healer who has trained in and utilized a variety of modalities for more than 30 years including hands on, distance healing and healing visualization.

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