About Susan Hastings

Rev. Susan Hastings MS, ABD, OBOD, owner of Earth Connection

Ms. Hastings is a master healer who has trained in and utilized a variety of modalities for more than 30 years including hands on, distance healing and healing visualization. She is also a geologist, with specialties in marine geology, geophysics, and low temperature geochemistry. She has worked in both the oil and mining industries, and taught science for more than 10 years.

Her journey into energy healing began after a major accident, when she discovered and developed the use of self-healing.  Later, the discovery of nature powers and entities led to training with the late Apache Medicine Woman, Kachinas Kutenai.

In 1995, she graduated from the world-renown Barbara Brennan School of Healing and has done work with the Hakomi method.  Currently she is studying with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.  Ms. Hastings is also an ordained minister with the Universal Brotherhood Movement.

My Philosophy of Healing

My task as your healer is to facilitate you in your personal healing journey.  I do this by revealing true issues, giving you a new experience of the world, and support you in the hard work of transforming your life.  Though many people have intense experiences during a healing, it is not my intention to “fix” you with a mind blowing experience though that is what many people seek from this work.  If I were to do that you would not have the powerful understanding of the truth of yourself.  Only by sinking down into the depths of your own grief and pain can you find the treasure deep within you.

Learn more about in-person and distance energy healing, and what to

expect from your Individual Healing Session.

Earth Energy Water Droplet-FEATUREA personal passion of mine: Healing the Earth

As a geologist and geophysicist, and retired science teacher I have always stressed that each person has a responsibility to be a good steward of this planet we call home. My blog now includes a science section, where I explain and discuss issues related to the Earth, climate, and the environment. Check it out!

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