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How does energy healing work?

One of the most frequent questions I get is, “How does energy healing work?”  There is no concise “nutshell” answer to this, but, first of all, it is this:  Many people are aware that there is an energy field surrounding the body.  It is, in essence, a magnetic field that contains vortices called chakras.  Most of the people who a aware of this energy field, also called the auric field, think that the body is somehow producing the energy field.  In fact, it is the other way around.  The energy field is producing the body much the same way that light eventually coalesces to produce electrons, protons, neutrons, atoms, and all matter.  When we make changes to the energy field we induce changes in the body.

The chakras are ways in which energy can flow in or out of the energy field.  In physics 101 you might recall the right thumb rule.  This rule states that if you take the finger of your right hand and spin them in the direction a vortex in a magnetic field is spinning, your thumb is pointing in the direction that energy is flowing.  Your chakras also govern different aspects of your physical, emotional, and spiritual incarnation and are the instrument panel that tells us what is going on in the body.

Of course, this is just the beginning of the path on the journey that is your own personal healing and transformation.

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Types of Healing Sessions:


In-Person Healing Sessions

I love to meet clients in person. If you are local to (or visiting) the Reno-Sparks area, you may want to avail yourself of a face-to-face energy healing session. While the results of in-person sessions are often quite similar to distance healing sessions, you might also enjoy and/or prefer the experience of hands-on energy healing.

Distance Healing Sessions

Energy healing is basically quantum mechanics.  I can go into another dimension making myself very large or very small.  The farthest I have worked on a client from Reno, NV is Scotland; the shortest a few blocks away to the Intensive Care Unit of a local hospital.  People can usually tell me everything I did as though I was right there. Some people, who have had both in person and distance healings, actually prefer the distance healing.

Past Life Healing

Many people ask me if I can do a past life regression.  My response is, “Why do you want to know this?”  Suppose I were to reveal to you some past life issue with your spouse that might cause strain.  Would that be in the service of healing? Often, past life issues come up in a healing.  Because I ask my clients to state and intention for the healing we know that there is something related to their intention that caused the past life event to reveal itself.  We then work towards healing that issue.

What happens during your Energy Healing session?

First of all there is no cookbook version of a healing session, but when someone calls for an appointment I usually spend some time with them on the phone to find out why they are calling for an appointment.  As I am talking to them over the phone I am actually reading them energetically.  I tell them that I will ask them to state an intention for their healing.  Then when they come for the appointment – especially the first session – I spend quite bit of time taking a history – physical, emotional, spiritual, and I am again reading them energetically.  If they have had a hard time formulating an intention I help them with that. We “hold” that intention – not meditate on it.  That is because when you meditate on it you might be imposing on the healing what YOU think it is about and not be open to what the Universal Consciousness has to tell you about it.

Then when I have you on the table I measure your chakras.  Because of our conversation and your stated intention, you chakras will have taken on the configuration related to that intention.  I then set my energy to best open those chakras and reveal additional information about the stated intention.  Also, I tell the client to pay attention to what comes up for them – again not to meditate.

Then afterwards we talk about what happened, and sometimes I assign homework. :)


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