People ask me all the time – What is energy healing? How does it work?  I usually respond, “It’s quantum physics.”  “But what is quantum physics?” they ask.  I jokingly respond, “No one really knows.  One of the debates in quantum physics is – are there 10 dimensions or 11?  We go into other dimensions.  It’s like fractal geometry.  It’s holographic non-linear time.  It’s quark theory – all things are ultimately made of light. It’s energy moving through vortices in magnetic fields known as chakras.  This movement of energy follows the basic physics “right thumb rule.”

That’s the basic science.  The healer spends years learning how to control and navigate through these different realms and dimensions.  The healer must also be diligent about not doing things that interfere with the ability to do this.  When people talk about ESP they think it is something special that only a few people have.  In actuality there is nothing extra about it.  We refer to it as HSP – High Sense Perception, and everyone has it to some degree.  There is a higher sense for every physical sense plus one more – clairsentience which is a higher sense of knowing.  Most people use these senses to some degree without realizing it, but HSP can be developed and enhanced.  The thing is, it means changing your life and doing the hard work that most people are not willing to do.

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